Rugby is exploding in popularity across the U.S., with professional club rugby at the pinnacle of growing club teams nationwide. But at the youth level there’s a far more disjointed base to further grow the game we love. Too often we see K-12 teams disband when the do-it-all parent moves on with their child, or a lack of coaching experience and team awareness end what could have become a promising new program.

These disconnects are what we’re trying to fix.

Here at the Lowcountry Rugby Fund, our goal is to improve the foundation in our part of the world through investing in the players, leadership, and infrastructure required for youth rugby to flourish. We see ourselves as a catalyst to bring together our community and drive it forward. Ultimately we want to be the driving force behind a groundswell of support for the game we love in the Lowcountry.

But we’re not looking to do this alone–we want YOU to be a part of the next step, so feel free to send us an email or make a contribution to the cause. Thanks!